Evanescence - My Heart Is Broken | MV RELEASED !!!

Okeyh, Selamat Malam Semua, Or Selamat Hampir Pagi ??.. WHaaaa ?? Ok Enough Chit Chat, Aku Nak Umumkan Bahawa MV (Music Video) My Heart Is Broken - Evanescence Sudah RELEASED !! Awesome Right ?? Sebab Aku Ingatkan Bulan FEB Baru Keluar.. Rupanya Dicepatkan Kepada Bulan Nih Jugak, Bulan JAN.

And Pengakuan Berani Mati Aku.. Aku Nangis Bila Dapat Tengok Full Music Video Nihh, Serious. Nangis Sebab EXCITED Giler. Memang Kengkawan FB Aku Semua Dah Kecoh Pasal Music Video Evanescence Nihh, Yelahh Orang Bandar, Mesti Tau Dulu Kan. Diorang Siap Ada Link Untuk Video, Walaupun Belum Dikeluarkan. Tak Tahu Lahh Diorang Nih Hacker Ker, Or Ada Bantuan Luar. IDK ??

So Korang Enjoy Lha Yer.. BTW Blog Ni Akan Direnovate Semula, Untuk Tukar Ke Tema Mengikut Music Video Evanescence Yg BARU Ni "My Heart Is Broken".. Just Wait For The Changes Keyh.. Mintak2 Tak Hancur Bagai Benda Dalam Blog Aku Nihh. Nayoo Jooo..

About MHIB Vid Shoot :-
"Amy Blogs About the "My Heart Is Broken" Video Shoot I met Dean Karr a few years back when I lived in LA. I knew he had made a ton of dark and beautiful photos and videos, but what stuck with me was how fun he was to be around. He even had a pet hedgehog! How can you not love that? Anyway, we decided it was high time we made a video together, my ideas for MHIB really fit his look and we started scheming. I wanted an isolated dreamworld, and he had all these amazing ideas about fiber optics and special effects and the treatment came together really quickly. This was one of the most pleasant, easy-going shoots ever. The whole team was great. I worked with a new stylist this time, Dawn Ritz, who made the dress I'm wearing in most of the video. I loved working with her too- it was really hard to choose only two outfits out of all the rad stuff she had there for me! We shot at a sound stage in LA and built the set inside. The band performed first and were done within the first couple of hours, and I spent the day playing around in fake grass and singing to my "light finger" (there was actually a small light taped to my finger with surgical tape and the wires were hidden in my glove for the beginning scenes.) The hardest part was playing the piano at double speed for the slow-motion shots. The part is already fast! I kept messing up and i know it doesnt matter but it was hard not to laugh. We finished very late that night and all I wanted to do was watch everything we'd just shot...but unfortunately it doesn't work that way, you have to wait a week or two :) So, I just stayed up all night thinking about it. Dean, Arthur, and everyone on the crew were so nice and I really enjoyed this one. Not to mention it turned out really cool in my opinion! Hope you like it too. - AMY "

News :-
#Untuk Pengetahuan Korang, 3rd Single Evanescence Lagu Yg Bertajuk "Made Of Stone" Dipilih Sebagai Sountrack Dalam Movie Baru And Hangat Sekarang Nihh "Underworld".. Korang Boleh Tengok Dekat Sini {Link} {Link}

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Sweet Sleep, My Dark Angel

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