Phineas & Ferb & Candace

my fav cartoon ,,
citer ni tros trg mmg best giler ,,
bb ad fav singer q at sini ,, ,,,
jom tgok ,,,, dye pny main actor in this story ,, >>>>

1.Phineas Flynn

seorg yg confident ,, and suke mncipta sesuatu yg baru ,,
and dalam citer nih dye adalah main actor ,,
bsame abg nyer ,,, ferb ,,

< voice by >
Vincent Michael Martella
(nothing to say)

2.Candace Flynn

like to busted her brother ,, tp x pnh bjaye ,, ad jerk halangan ,,
tp mmg best dye pny suare ,,
seorg yg loud and funny ,,,

< voice by>
Ashley Michelle Tisdale

eeeeeppp ,,
best nyer ,, mmg sesuai btol dye jd suare latar candace ,,,

3.Ferb Flecther

untalkative ,,, lbeyh kpde action ,,
adk tiri kpd phineas ,,

< voice by >
Thomas Brodie Sangster
(noting to say)

check it out >>

well folks tuh jerk la ,,kay ,,
nty klu ad lagi yg q suke citer nyer nty q wat entry lg ,,,
sharing is caring .,,,>>>

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